Who Wins?

Why of course our beneficiaries!   This year we are proud to honor and support the Jubilee Center as well as the host of the event, The Community Church of Hoboken.

The Jubilee Center provides continuous programs over the course of the year to help meet Jubilee Outing 2012the needs of local young people. Academic support services are at the core of the services they provide for kids, such as tutoring and homework help after school. Jubilee also provides daily meals, positive recreational activities, and a operates a summer program.   For the past two years, Carter Craft has volunteered with Jubilee Center, taking small groups out on the Hudson aboard the Blue Classroom.  Funds donated to Jubilee Center will be earmarked for after school programs.

The Community Church of Hoboken is one of the oldest church buildings in Hoboken and Dance Performance serves as host for a wide variety of community programs and events.  From classical music to kiddy bands, karate demonstrations, hip-hop dance recitals, Artists’ Open Studio Tours, organic gardening, and community discussions about affordable housing, the Church is a center and force for good in Hoboken.  Funds donated  to the Community Church will be earmarked for the restoration and repair of the eastern facade.

Each year we look forward to celebrating and supporting a new charity!  Come this October 5, 2013 and bring your ideas for next year!


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