2013 Event Schedule

2014 Schedule to come!!!

In the meantime here’s how it went in 2013:

Time sensitive?  We know your company as well as your taste buds are in demand… Here’s the schedule so you can choose which is the hottest time to join us!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

  • 4:00          Round 1: Make the First Round of Calls!!

Need 5 volunteers to simultaneously order the first wave of pies.  After you order the pie then please wait to receive it so you can log Arrival Time and temperature.   The heat is on!

  • 4:20pm     Introduction of Esteemed Judges
  • 4:30pm     Pies start arriving
  • 5:00pm     Round 2: Make the Calls!

Need five more Volunteers to order the next wave!

  • 5:00pm     Musical Performance: Dana Harrison of The Fuzzy Lemons & Musicology 4 Kids (Thank you Dana!)
  • 5:45pm     More pies arriving…
  • 6:15pm     Raffle drawings
  • 6:30pm     Pronouncements and Thank Yous!
  • 7:00pm     The Party is Officially Over!

If you haven’t already – or if you have – please send in any Nominations for the 2013 Pizza Derby here


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