And the 2016 Hoboken Pizza Derby Winner Is…..



unaudited and not-yet-certified by the Electoral College results (but here they are anyway):

Benny Tudino’s House Pie KID’s CHOICE
7 Stars 28″ pie Largest Pie
Johnny Pepperoni – Sausage + Broccoli Rabe BEST CRUST
Hot House – Pesto shrimp, olives, garlic; BEST SAUCE
Rosario’s – Chicken Parm BEST CHICKEN (Tie!)
Imposto’s – Buffalo Chicken BEST CHICKEN (Tie!)
Napoli’s – Pepperoni Best Pepperoni (tie!)
Grimaldi’s – Pepperoni Best Pepperoni (tie!)
Giovanni’s – Margherita BEST MARGHERITA
Mario’s – Gl Fr w Spinach, Sun Dried Tom BEST GLUTEN FREE
Dozzino – Spinach and Artichoke BEST VEGETARIAN
Frankie & Ava’s – Sig. (sopress., long hot pep., prov, muzz) BEST MENU
San Giuseppe – Prosciutto di Parma w Figs BEST FLAVOR
Torna’s – Plain thin crust (w/ side fresh garlic) BEST PIE
Tony Baloney’s – Bangkok Boardwalk WINNAH!

bOOM!  And thank you again to all attendees, judges, Volunteers and supporters of this year’s event.  We hope to see you again in 2017!


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