2015 Menu: What To Order in 2016?

For the Derby we order pizzas in heats or Waves.  We simultaneously dial a number of pizzerias on the list and order from the Official Event Menu.  Upon arrival we record the arrival time and temperature of the pie so we know who is the fastest and hottest.  Below is the menu of all 35 pies we ordered in 2015.  Please send us your nominations for 2016 via this form!


Wave 1: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
Benny Tudino’s House Pie 28″
Dozzino Diavola
Napoli’s Penne Vodka
Old Lorenzo’s/ Breakfast Pizza
The Brick/ Classic
The Brick/ Margherita
Torna’s Plain thin crust (w/ side fresh garlic)
Wave 2: Classics and New Adventures
7 Stars 28″
Giovanni’s/ Pepperoni
Giovanni’s/ Ricotta and Broccoli
Hot House The Hot House Pizza
Hot House Pesto shrimp, olives, garlic, cherry tomatoes
Mario’s Gluten Free Pie plain cheese
Mario’s LG 18″ Classic Pizza
Napoli’s Chicken Chipotle Ranch
Napoli’s Mediterranean
Otto Strada Brussels Pizza
Otto Strada Verdure Bianco Pizza
The Brick/ Nacho Supreme
The Brick/ Surprise
Wave 3: Pizza Derby Old Masters
Grimaldi’s Pepperoni
Grimaldies Gluten free cheese
Johnny Pepperoni Sausage + Broccoli Rabe
Margherita’s Café Lg Margherita
San Giuseppe Al Pesto
San Giuseppe L’Insalata
The Brick/ Dessert Pizza
Tony Baloney’s Pacho Franco
Wave 4: Did that Really Just Happen?
Old Lorenzo’s BLT
Rosario’s Bari Pizza
Rosario’s Capri Pizza
Torna’s Sicilian Plain
Uptown BBQ Chick w/ Onions

Nominations to this year’s menu are now being accepted here!


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