2015 Results…

Pleased to report we made almost $2,000 dollars at last night’s 7th (or 8th?) Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby. We are happy and proud to share 100% of these funds between The Community Church of Hoboken and Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, two of our most favorite places and communities in town! Our all-volunteer, collect-no-salary crew would like to thank our donors like A&P; Classic Harbor Line; Empire Coffee & Tea; 14th Street Garden Center; Mauseth Design; Resilience Adventures, and 10th & Willow. BIG thanks also to the supporting pizzerias including The Brick, Giovanni’s, Mario’s, and Napoli’s!  Here’s how the results shook out: 

2015 Hoboken Pizza Derby WINNAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
2015 Hoboken Pizza Derby WINNAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

1. BEST PIZZA – Napoli’s Mediterranean Pizza: garlic, chicken, onions, Kalamata olives & eggplant

2. RUNNER UP – The Brick: Nacho Supreme pie

3, 4 BEST NEWCOMERS (TIE) – Hot House Pesto Shrimp and Otto Strada Verdure Bianco

5. BEST PEPPERONI PIE – Giovanni’s

6. BEST VEGETARIAN – San Giuseppe L’Insalata

7. BEST GLUTEN FREE – Mario’s Gluten Free plain cheese

8,9 BEST UNEXPECTED SURPRISES (2) – The Brick: Pear + Ham; Old Lorenzo’s: Breakfast Pizza

10. HOTTEST PIZZA – SEVEN STARS 175 degrees F at delivery

11. BEST PRESENTATION: 7 Stars Extra Large Pie in one gigantic box


Again, a BIIIGGGG thanks to all our sponsors, supporting pizzerias, and participants. Hope to see you next year!


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