It’s a Tasty Competition!

6th (Almost) Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby

Saturday September 27, 2014

Waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously.  Party-goers who take a Pie Assignment order the pie and then await the delivery.  Delivery time is recorded.  Arrival temperature is celebrated!  As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.  You score as many as you taste in categories of: consistency of crust, tastiness of sauce, freshness of toppings, and flavor of cheese. It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate!  Proceeds from your suggested $25/ adult + $10/ kid donation will go 100% to two local charities.  Pizza, Beer, wine, and kid’s drinks are included.  This year’s beneficiaries are the Jubilee Center for after school programs and the Community Church for the Building Fund.   Wear clothes for crisp fall weather and please RSVP if you haven’t already!

Here’s the deal for Saturday – 4-7pm:

  • 4:15 Order Sicilian + other Margherita Classics (come early and help place the order!)
  • 5:00 Order Largest Cheese Pizzas and Meat Lovers (nominate your favorite pie here)
  • Dana Harrison performs for the kids!
  • 5:45 Order House Specialties
  • 6:30 Pronouncements, Raffles and Thank Yous!

For a more detailed schedule click here: In 2012 we added the new category of arrival temperature.  See below: here’s one of our judges with our visiting PhD BioGeochemist and certified infrared heat gun operator administering the test!  Nominations for pies we should order are now being accepted here.  If you have any additional questions please email us.



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