And the 2016 Hoboken Pizza Derby Winner Is…..



unaudited and not-yet-certified by the Electoral College results (but here they are anyway):

Benny Tudino’s House Pie KID’s CHOICE
7 Stars 28″ pie Largest Pie
Johnny Pepperoni – Sausage + Broccoli Rabe BEST CRUST
Hot House – Pesto shrimp, olives, garlic; BEST SAUCE
Rosario’s – Chicken Parm BEST CHICKEN (Tie!)
Imposto’s – Buffalo Chicken BEST CHICKEN (Tie!)
Napoli’s – Pepperoni Best Pepperoni (tie!)
Grimaldi’s – Pepperoni Best Pepperoni (tie!)
Giovanni’s – Margherita BEST MARGHERITA
Mario’s – Gl Fr w Spinach, Sun Dried Tom BEST GLUTEN FREE
Dozzino – Spinach and Artichoke BEST VEGETARIAN
Frankie & Ava’s – Sig. (sopress., long hot pep., prov, muzz) BEST MENU
San Giuseppe – Prosciutto di Parma w Figs BEST FLAVOR
Torna’s – Plain thin crust (w/ side fresh garlic) BEST PIE
Tony Baloney’s – Bangkok Boardwalk WINNAH!

bOOM!  And thank you again to all attendees, judges, Volunteers and supporters of this year’s event.  We hope to see you again in 2017!


BIGGG Thanks – Over $2,600 Raised at 2016 Event!

Many thanks to the nearly 100 supporters and over 16 donors and sponsors for this year’s event!  Over 48 pies joined the race. More than $2,600 was raised, with $2,000 in proceeds being divided between the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse and the Community Church of Hoboken’s Building Renovation Fund.

Thank you Event *Volunteers* and helpers: Alex, Brenda, Carter, Don, Francine, Frank, Ila, Jenny, Jeremy, Joe, Johanna, Juleyne, Kay, Pat, Patty, Steph, Teodora, and most especially Pastor Krieger.

Thank you Sponsors and Donors:

14th Street Garden Center
ACME Market
Blue Classroom
Classic Harbor Line
Frankie and Ava’s
Mauseth Design
Outside New York™
Petra Hauff
San Giuseppe’s

Results have been tabulated. The !hottest! pie delivered was from Torna’s, steaming upong arrival at 176F (yow!). The /fastest/ delivery came from Rosario’s, whose’ chicken parm pie arrived just 20 minutes after ordering!

Judges are now being moved into the Pizza Derby Judge Protection Program before the final awards can be made.  You understand.

updated October 6, 2016

2016 Pizza Derby! Coming up Sat Oct 1!



Raffle Items just posted! (9/28/16)

Kids’ Activities! (just posted 9/28/16)

pizza-derby-fundraiser-logo_2016Join us on Saturday, October 1 for the 8th Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby! This family-friendly party is hosted by the Community Church of Hoboken at 6th and Garden Streets. This year’s menu will offer more than two dozen different pies to be sampled! From savory to saucy, there is the widest sampling of Hoboken’s Tastiest Pies. (Of course we order some simple classics for the kids too…) Take a look at last year’s menu here.

Here is how it works: waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously. As the arrivals come in we record the fastest delivery time. The Heat Troll then administers the infra-red heat gun to gauge whose arrives the Hottest. As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.

Score as many as you taste in categories of: consistency of crust, tastiness of sauce, freshness of toppings, and flavor of cheese. It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate! Pizza, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert is included for your donation.  This year the proceeds are shared between the Church’s Capital Renovation fund and the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. Discounted tickets are available in advance via brown paper tickets.

Games! Sauce! Action! (AND, the best Climbing Tree within One Square Mile! (supervision required) Advanced Ticket prices are $30/ adult and $10 per child. Special family pass is $60 in Advance for up to two adults and two kids. Day-of prices are $35 per adult and $12 per child, with the Family Pass at $75.00. Thank you for your past support and hope to see you at this year’s event. Nominations to the Menu are now being accepted.

2015 Results…

Pleased to report we made almost $2,000 dollars at last night’s 7th (or 8th?) Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby. We are happy and proud to share 100% of these funds between The Community Church of Hoboken and Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, two of our most favorite places and communities in town! Our all-volunteer, collect-no-salary crew would like to thank our donors like A&P; Classic Harbor Line; Empire Coffee & Tea; 14th Street Garden Center; Mauseth Design; Resilience Adventures, and 10th & Willow. BIG thanks also to the supporting pizzerias including The Brick, Giovanni’s, Mario’s, and Napoli’s!  Here’s how the results shook out: 

2015 Hoboken Pizza Derby WINNAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
2015 Hoboken Pizza Derby WINNAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

1. BEST PIZZA – Napoli’s Mediterranean Pizza: garlic, chicken, onions, Kalamata olives & eggplant

2. RUNNER UP – The Brick: Nacho Supreme pie

3, 4 BEST NEWCOMERS (TIE) – Hot House Pesto Shrimp and Otto Strada Verdure Bianco

5. BEST PEPPERONI PIE – Giovanni’s

6. BEST VEGETARIAN – San Giuseppe L’Insalata

7. BEST GLUTEN FREE – Mario’s Gluten Free plain cheese

8,9 BEST UNEXPECTED SURPRISES (2) – The Brick: Pear + Ham; Old Lorenzo’s: Breakfast Pizza

10. HOTTEST PIZZA – SEVEN STARS 175 degrees F at delivery

11. BEST PRESENTATION: 7 Stars Extra Large Pie in one gigantic box


Again, a BIIIGGGG thanks to all our sponsors, supporting pizzerias, and participants. Hope to see you next year!

2015 Pizza Derby: Today-Saturday October 3!

Pizza-Derby-Fundraiser-Logo-2015BPT_buy_tickets_smallJoin us for the 7th Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby Deluge, a fun fundraising event supporting two great Hoboken causes! Ok, it might be a wet weekend, though today looks mostly shpritzery and windy. In any case, for this event which runs from 4-7pm today we have an indoor plan and an outdoor plan. Every year, this tasty competition features some of the best pies from throughout the entire land (of Hoboken). Here is how it works:

Waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously. As the arrivals come in we record the delivery time. The Heat Troll administers the infra-red heat gun to gauge arrival temperature. As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.

Score as many as you taste in categories of: consistency of crust, tastiness of sauce, freshness of toppings, and flavor of cheese. It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate! Pizza, beverages, and dessert is included for your donation. Advanced sales are closed. At-the-gate prices are $30 per adult and $12 per child. A family pass for up to two adults and two children is $60. Proceeds are shared between the Church’s Capital Renovation fund and the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. For more information or to get involved please contact Carter Craft at 917-709-3371.

Nominations to the 7th Annual menu are closed!  Hope to see you this afternoon at the corner of 6th and Garden in Hoboken.

2014 Results!

Pizza Derby 2014 Results!Pizza-Derby-Fundraiser-Logo

A great BIG thank you goes out to everyone who donated, supported, helped or ate at Pizza Derby 2014!  We had raffles from local donors, music and games and over 30 pizzas to sample!

After all expenses, we raised $1,360 for our two charities – 36% more than last year!

We added some new pizzas and new pizzerias to the mix.  We are SOOOO grateful to Mauseth Design for our snappy new logo check out the results below!


The best overall pizza was the Pancho Franco from Tony Boloney’s, upstaging last year’s winner from Johnny Pepperoni, the Sausage and Broccoli Rabe pie!

This year a gluten free pizza broke the top 5! Mario’s Gluten Free Sundried tomato and spinach came in at #5, tied with Grimaldi’s Pepperoni!

The Brick’s Nacho Supreme and The Brick pier, both first timer pizzas at the Pizza Derby, the #2 and #3 spots.

pizza boxes stackedBig thanks to:

Ted Mauseth for our snappy new logo


  • Resilience Adventures
  • Dana Harrison/Musicology 4 Kids!
  • Classic Harbor Line
  • A&P
  • Giorgio’s Pasticcheria
  • Empire Coffee & Tea
  • 14th Street Garden Center
  • Outside New York, LLC
  • Steph and Carter Craft
  • Spire Search Partners
  • 10th and Willow

Supporting Pizzerias

  • Napoli’s
  • Tony Boloney’s
  • The Brick
  • Giovanni’s

Raffle Prizes

  • Giorgio Cookie Basket
  • Classic Harbor Line Fall Foliage Cruise Package + Up the Hudson Cruise Package
  • 10th and Willow Gift Certificate
  • Empire Coffee & Tea Basket
  • Musicology 4 Kids! 5 Class Package

We love trying new pizzas and getting recommendations for what YOU like to eat – send us suggestions for next year!

Pizza Derby 2014 was a huge success thanks to all of the support and help by so many local organizations! We hope you enjoyed the new pizzas and old favorites – see you next year!

— From the 2014 Pizza Derby Team

It’s a Tasty Competition!

6th (Almost) Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby

Saturday September 27, 2014

Waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously.  Party-goers who take a Pie Assignment order the pie and then await the delivery.  Delivery time is recorded.  Arrival temperature is celebrated!  As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.  You score as many as you taste in categories of: consistency of crust, tastiness of sauce, freshness of toppings, and flavor of cheese. It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate!  Proceeds from your suggested $25/ adult + $10/ kid donation will go 100% to two local charities.  Pizza, Beer, wine, and kid’s drinks are included.  This year’s beneficiaries are the Jubilee Center for after school programs and the Community Church for the Building Fund.   Wear clothes for crisp fall weather and please RSVP if you haven’t already!

Here’s the deal for Saturday – 4-7pm:

  • 4:15 Order Sicilian + other Margherita Classics (come early and help place the order!)
  • 5:00 Order Largest Cheese Pizzas and Meat Lovers (nominate your favorite pie here)
  • Dana Harrison performs for the kids!
  • 5:45 Order House Specialties
  • 6:30 Pronouncements, Raffles and Thank Yous!

For a more detailed schedule click here: In 2012 we added the new category of arrival temperature.  See below: here’s one of our judges with our visiting PhD BioGeochemist and certified infrared heat gun operator administering the test!  Nominations for pies we should order are now being accepted here.  If you have any additional questions please email us.


Kid’s Activities!


All activities are free of charge (except where noted)

  • Bouncy house!
  • Make your own pizza! (in clay and play doh)
  • Decorate a pot (and take a small plant or flower home ($3 per plant)
  • Ring Toss! Win a Prize
  • Football toss! Win a Prize
  • color to your heart’s content (or at least in that general direction)

and, of course,

  • Guess how many? M&Ms

2016 Raffle Items!

Stop by the raffle table and drop your ticket in the bag of the item you hope to win! Thanks to our generous donors for this year’s Raffle items:

  • Cookie basket courtesy of Hoboken’s best bakery: Giorgio’s Pasticcerria
  • Sail or Cruise aboard Classic Harbor Line ($200 Gift Certificate towards sail/cruise(s) of your choice!)
  • Group kayaking excursion courtesy of Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse (up to four guests)
  • Harbor History and Ecology Tour aboard Blue Classroom (up to 4 people)
  • Science Fiesta! Electronic, Chemical and Organic Activities for your Burgeoning Mad Scientist Child (gift pack)
  • Young Artist’s Easel and Painting/ drawing supplies (gift pack)
  • A GREAT pumpkin courtesy of 14th Street Garden Center

Please note: every admission comes with one (1) raffle ticket. Family passes come with three (3) raffle tickets. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the event.  You do not need to be present to win! If you leave early, please write your name and phone number on your ticket before your drop it in the bag.

2012 Winners!


Best CRUST: 1) Benny’s and Balbos 2) Rosario’s

Best SAUCE: 1) Giovanni’s 2) Mario’s

Best TOPPINGS – 1) Margherita’s 2) Mario’s 3) Filippos on First

Best CHEESE: 1) Mario’s 2) Johnny Pepperoni

Most HEAT: 1) Mario’s 2) Margherita’s


1. Mario’s – 18″ Classic

2. Giovanni’s – Bianca with Broccoli

3. Margarita’s Café – L Julia’s Pie (pesto, onion, roasted pepper, and mozz)

4. Honorable Mention: Filippos on 1st Danny Aiello (prosciutto + eggplant)

2015 Menu: What To Order in 2016?

For the Derby we order pizzas in heats or Waves.  We simultaneously dial a number of pizzerias on the list and order from the Official Event Menu.  Upon arrival we record the arrival time and temperature of the pie so we know who is the fastest and hottest.  Below is the menu of all 35 pies we ordered in 2015.  Please send us your nominations for 2016 via this form!


Wave 1: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
Benny Tudino’s House Pie 28″
Dozzino Diavola
Napoli’s Penne Vodka
Old Lorenzo’s/ Breakfast Pizza
The Brick/ Classic
The Brick/ Margherita
Torna’s Plain thin crust (w/ side fresh garlic)
Wave 2: Classics and New Adventures
7 Stars 28″
Giovanni’s/ Pepperoni
Giovanni’s/ Ricotta and Broccoli
Hot House The Hot House Pizza
Hot House Pesto shrimp, olives, garlic, cherry tomatoes
Mario’s Gluten Free Pie plain cheese
Mario’s LG 18″ Classic Pizza
Napoli’s Chicken Chipotle Ranch
Napoli’s Mediterranean
Otto Strada Brussels Pizza
Otto Strada Verdure Bianco Pizza
The Brick/ Nacho Supreme
The Brick/ Surprise
Wave 3: Pizza Derby Old Masters
Grimaldi’s Pepperoni
Grimaldies Gluten free cheese
Johnny Pepperoni Sausage + Broccoli Rabe
Margherita’s Café Lg Margherita
San Giuseppe Al Pesto
San Giuseppe L’Insalata
The Brick/ Dessert Pizza
Tony Baloney’s Pacho Franco
Wave 4: Did that Really Just Happen?
Old Lorenzo’s BLT
Rosario’s Bari Pizza
Rosario’s Capri Pizza
Torna’s Sicilian Plain
Uptown BBQ Chick w/ Onions

Nominations to this year’s menu are now being accepted here!